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Performance Measurement System

Performance Measurement System Assessment

Is your existing approach to measuring performance giving you data that you, your managers and employees can use to meaningfully understand and improve results for customers? Are you getting a consistent, balanced look at performance across your organization?

Are you facing:

  • Confusion about how to improve performance measures?
  • Performance information that is required by funding sources but not helpful to your organization?
  • Performance measures that are not helpful when making decisions, both day-to-day and more significant ones?
  • A public that is increasingly restless and unable to understand the services you provide and the difference they make?

If your current Performance Measurement system isn’t giving you what you need, MR can quickly and inexpensively review the current approach and measures. Our seasoned team of senior government leaders can then provide you with timely, focused feedback and recommendations for how you can strengthen your system to get you the results you need.