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Kevin Tolmich


Kevin Tolmich

Kevin has worked in state government since 1995 with extensive experience in governmental finance with a concentration in budgeting and accounting. Currently, Kevin is over the planning section for the Administrative Office of the Courts in Georgia (AOC). In this position, Kevin provides strategic and business planning, and program analysis to the courts of Georgia and other judicial agencies in the state. Prior to the planning position, Kevin was the Budget Administrator for the AOC. While serving in this position, Kevin helped expand the agency from approximately $25 million of flow through funds to administering well over $100 million of state, federal and other funds. In addition, Kevin started a court fee training program for the AOC which trains local court personnel on the business practices regarding the assessment, collection and disbursement of court fees.

Kevin has been working for MR since January 2006. He has assisted in various projects for MR including the City of Oklahoma City, Baldwin County (Alabama), the City of Las Vegas (Nevada), Wayne County (Michigan), Pinal County (Arizona), and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Kevin received his Bachelors of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Georgia and graduated summa cum laude from Georgia State University with a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Management.

Kevin’s current projects include:

  • Completed an analysis for the addition of another state court judge in Hall County –   Hall County was determining if the county could support an additional state court judge.

  • Finished a study for the CCJ/COSCA meeting coming to Atlanta in 2011 – Working with Kelly Moody and Terry Cobb, completed a detailed study and cost analysis of Atlanta hosting the annual CCJ/COSCA meeting.

  • Worked on and completed a study concerning judicial pay in Georgia – part of the analysis was providing statistical information to counter the Governor’s Mercer Study.  The other parts of the report included statistical information to support the need for judicial raises.

  • Worked on several reports during the legislative session –  includes JRS information and caseload analysis.

  • Completed a study on the viability of creating a state court in Bartow County.

  • Had one face-to-face meeting and several phone and e-mail conversations with judges from Japan to discuss HR issues and solutions used in Georgia.

  • Developed a way to look at the efficiency of state courts by looking at case statistics.  Used Henry County as an example of how a State Court can benefit the county.

  • Developed zero based budgeting system and spreadsheets.

  • Facilitating a strategic business plan with Katherine Cadena for the Committee on Interpreters.