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Marty Weidner


Marty Weidner

Marty Weidner has 19 years of government experience with the City of Austin and the State of Texas, leading major organizational change initiatives and strategic planning efforts. As a core Corporate Team member, she helped design the City of Austin’s Managing for Results system that won the City an A- from Governing Magazine’s Government Performance Project. She also was the lead facilitator and trainer throughout implementation, and as a core member of the Corporate Review Team, provided in-depth review of every department’s Strategic Business Plan. Ms. Weidner was also primarily responsible for the design and implementation of a pay-for-performance appraisal system, and developed the methodology that successfully integrated and aligned employee performance plans and measures with strategic business plan measures and results.

Ms. Weidner designed and facilitated strategic and business planning in Metro Nashville, Washington D.C., Seattle WA, Maricopa Co. AZ, Franklin Co. OH, Tacoma WA, and the State of North Dakota, the Smithsonian Institution.

Ms. Weidner lead the development and deployment of Metro Nashville’s Results Matter Initiative, which integrated strategic business planning, performance budgeting, performance management, and performance reporting into a results-focused management system. Ms. Weidner was primarily responsible for facilitator training, strategic business planning, design of Metro-wide Review, and redesign of the employee performance appraisal system.