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Marv Weidner


Marv Weidner

Marv Weidner is the CEO of Managing Results, LLC (formerly known as Weidner) and has a background of more than 20 years of senior government experience. Managing Results (MR) has focused exclusively on services to government and is staffed with former senior government officials, all with successful careers in leading change from within government.

Marv has been the lead consultant for numerous enterprise-wide Managing for Results and cultural change initiatives in some of the nation’s best-managed governments. Marv’s team has successfully helped some of America’s best managed governments build a fully integrated management system that integrates strategic business planning, program performance, accounting, program-structured/performance-informed budgeting, and individual performance planning. Using MR methodologies, MR’s customers now repurpose and refocus over $37 Billion in annual budgets on results for customers.

Marv has more than 20 years of senior government experience with the State of Iowa, where his last position was Director of Policy and Strategic Planning. He led the Governor’s Managing for Results efforts that included the development of agency and enterprise strategic planning and performance accountability systems. For five years prior, Marv was the head of public assistance policy and led Iowa’s highly successful welfare reform initiative. In his first ten years in state government he led Iowa’s innovative refugee resettlement program, recognized by the State Department as the best in the nation.

Several times each year, Marv is asked to keynote, chair and sponsor national conferences. His workshops on Cultural Change, Performance Budgeting and Integrated Management Systems Focused on Results consistently receive excellent ratings by participants.

Marv earned a BS in Political Science from Iowa Wesleyan College and a Master of Divinity from Northwestern University.