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Jurisdiction Strategic Planning

City or County Strategic Plan

In these uncertain and changing times, being clear about what matters most to your community – being clear about the Priorities, and ensuring those Priorities guide real action – is more important that ever.

But the truth is too many Strategic Plans fail to deliver what is really needed – they fail to drive action to deliver results. Many plans are a collection of general statements of good intentions, with no clarity or accountability, or they read more like a “to do” list of strategies that may – or may not – deliver what the community expects. Either way, they fail to help decision-makers make the tough decisions and do little to stimulate innovation or new thinking.

MR’s Strategic Plans are different because they work. Over and over again, governments have partnered with MR to develop Strategic Plans that drive action and create the future they want for their customers and constituents.  Strategic Plans developed with MR are focused on customers and include measurable Strategic Results.  This is what makes the difference and gives you the advantage of having a Strategic Plan that the community will find compelling – because it’s about them.

The hardest thing, and the most important thing for government is to focus on results that matter and stay focused on those results.
— David Manning, Former Finance Director, Metro Nashville

What makes a MR-facilitated Strategic Plan different?

Builds on Input. Whether through public meetings with hundreds of participants or interviews with selected leaders, MR has efficient and effective ways to gather input on the issues and trends in a community and distilling that data into useful information. MR can work with you to determine the level and type of input you want to collect for your Planning process.

Sets Clear Priorities. No corporate “mumbo-jumbo” language here – MR works to help you get relentlessly clear, in language everyone understands about what matters most. Priorities can then be used to shape focus, define the conversation and guide decisions.

Identifies Strategic Results. Strategic Plans with clear, measurable, time-defined Results that matter most to your customers will drive action, performance and accountability.  That is what you will get working with MR. These Strategic Results express the measurable impact you intend to have for your customers over the next 2-5 years and give departments the opportunity to know what they should align to when developing their plans, strategies and budgets.