Managing Results, LLC


Strategic Plan Assessment

Are you facing:

  • A Strategic Plan that is out-of-date and out of step with the community or state?
  • An existing Strategic Plan that is not driving action or delivering on its promises?
  • A Plan that is not consistently and meaningfully guiding major decisions?
  • A Plan that was developed not that long ago that is in question because of a recent election?

If citizens read the current Strategic Plan, what do they see and feel? Is it about them? Is it about the government? Is it up-to-date with the issues the community is facing? Many “traditional” Strategic Plans simply don’t deliver on the promises to help the organization stay in front of the community, drive action and align the organization behind a strategic direction.

If your current Strategic Plan isn’t doing what it needs to do, MR can quickly and inexpensively review your Plan, including the process used to create it, and provide recommendations on how to make it useful to the organization and meaningful to the people served by it. Our seasoned team of former senior government leaders can then provide timely, focused feedback for how to strengthen the current Strategic Plan and make it relevant to tomorrow.